Despite the fact Erfurt has never been a place for the creation of jewellery in a classical sense, something was established, that was unique in the German Democratic Republic and continued it‘s tradition over the last 25 years after a peaceful revolution with great ambition and creative discourse – The ERFURTER SCHMUCKSYMPOSIUM.

Susanne Knorr in 30 Jahre ERFURTER SCHMUCKSYMPOSIUM 1984 – 2014, S. 18

The symposium is held every two years. Ten international artist work together for two weeks at the artist studios of the City of Erfurt. The symposium is often set up to a theme which can be interpreted freely by the participants. The symposium provides a platform of communication and collaboration between different artist and encourages interdisciplinary broadening of the field. Aim of the two week project are finished jewellery pieces, test pieces, sketches, new concepts, process documentation, perhaps technical innovation and testing new materials.
The results of the symposium are exhibited immediately following the symposium. Each symposium is documented by a catalogue.

Since 1994 the city of Erfurt awards the artist residency of the ERFURTER STADTGOLDSCHMIED (City Goldsmith of Erfurt). The selected artist is a set participant of the next symposium. Initators of the Erfurter Schmucksymposium are local jewellery artists. They are responsible for the organization, the respective concept and inviting artist to participate. Host and project manager of the symposium is the Accossiation of Fine Artists Thuringia (VBKTh).

Project group

Heike Gruber, Erfurt
Mandy Rasch, Berlstedt
Karola Torkos, Lübeck/Erfurt

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